If you feel overwhelmed by digital marketing or underwhelmed with the look of your business, we can help. We can provide direction and suggestions to create a time-saving, yet effect path that makes sense for your business.

All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us by clicking the button below.


This set of design examples illustrate how our videos and GIFs can be used in your business.

“Step Into My Office” is a fictitious office decor company.

All of the photos are stock images. After scouring multiple sources, we chose these pictures because they best illustrate the messaging and feeling of the brand.

Whether starting from scratch or repurposing, the first thing we do is create a simple moodboard. We choose 5 images, 3 colors and 2 fonts. Next, we create or add a logo and 1 tagline to define the brand.

Then, the video designing begins.

Whether the source material are photos, video or both, we edit, enhance, stylize and create custom videos that leaving a lasting impression for your company.

These custom videos can be used anywhere on your Website, Social Media and Email Newsletters.


Custom website banners give your site a professional and distinguished look. Your visitors will immediately understand your brand and message with a banner designed just for your business.


We design videos for Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn™

This GIF was made for a LinkedIn™ article. You can upload a GIF in place of a jpg or png. This a perfect example of how a GIF can be styled just for your brand. We can add layers of effects, text and even your logo to make it distinctly yours. Also, this GIF can be repurposed and used in an email newslettter.

This mp4 video can be used just about anywhere. The 1080×1080 size works on Instagram and Facebook. This also showcases a 3D Parallax effect that can be done with an ordinary photo.

The video is a highly stylized and ideal for Instagram’s 1080×1920 Story and Reel posts.


Professionally branded GIFs can give your email newsletters a polished and exciting look. These designs can have endless applications. Take a look to see how GIFs can be incorporated into your emails and email newsletters.

Let subscribers know your business has a sale or promotion going on. These can easily be added at the beginning or end of a newsletter.

A great lead magnet is offering a coupon code. Subscribers will love to see this unique GIF in their first email from you.

This shipping notification will make any customer feel excited about their recent order. Not only that, you can showcase other products you sell at the same time. A GIF with this function can be added to any notification automation you have scheduled.

Informational Newsletters can incorporate GIF to organize your content making it easy to read and digestable. GIF Headers can break up your message into defined sections.

GIF Bullet List can be added at the beginning and ending of a Newsletter. A Bullet List at the top serves as a structured Table of Context.  Expand the original Bullet List and place it at the end of your Newsletter to reiterate the points you’ve written leaving your readers with a valuable summary.


For the most part, GIFs can be used anywhere you can add a jpg or png. GIFs can also be used in:

•Pinterest Covers

•SMS text messages

•pop-ups menus




Happy Clients

"Beth designed some promotional videos for our Legacy Gym Fest event! Our post on Instagram and Facebook got many views. We loved her creativity, especially the 3D effect!"

Kerri Bensley

Owner, Legacy Academy

“Beth is so great at helping you piece together your vision. She is able to take what ideas you have for your images and put it all together in a way that says so much about you and your brand. She works with you and will work on the image until it is what you want. I can tell she really cares about me and what I am looking for. I am so excited to use these images because they express who I am and what I am trying to tell others in such an amazing and eye-catching way."

Brianna Wilking

Founder & Owner, Viewpoint Performance Consulting

"We had a client who needed their logo updated and given a more contemporary feel. Beth retained the core idea behind the logo but was able to give it a stronger dimensional look by the subtle use of animation and the introduction of an enhanced color palate. Our brief to Beth was quick and so was her execution. It all got turned around in 72 hours, just in time for a new client to look at the website and we were onboarding them a day later."

Bill Sharpe,

CEO, Simmons Sharpe Inc.

"Beth possesses a remarkable talent for not only bringing her clients' visions to life but also enhancing them with valuable insights and innovative ideas. Beth not only delivers excellence in her designs, but is also efficient and has a knack for strategic thinking. She has played an instrumental role in refining both my brand and marketing plan, giving me a sense of direction and organization I haven't felt in a while."

Sarah Cuoco,

Owner, UnzipThoseGenes.com

Goals • Vision • Growth

We help entrepreneurs clarify their message, provide direction and design effective videos to market products or services. This cohesive approach magnifies your branding power and expands your customer base.

During our planning sessions, we create building-block marketing strategies that are efficient, time-saving and give business owners peace of mind.

Our services are designed to help you reach your business goals. We take a scalable approach to make sure you are getting the results you want. We start with one or two targeted themes, allowing for strategic growth. By using a building-block method, we expand on what’s working or make adjustments to keep your marketing efforts productive and manageable.

Our mindset is to design effective, succinct and feasible marketing campaigns so you can focus on other areas of your business.


These vybe categories are examples of feelings you may want to evoke through the visuals you choose for your branding. If you have suggestions or can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, click on this link to contact us and we’ll make it! We want you to have just the right imagery for your business.



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