3D Characters are dynamic, fun, and just basically cool. When we build videos using 3D Characters, we can go about it 2 ways.

MAIN CHARACTER. This is the lead, the protagonist, the hero… basically YOU or your CUSTOMER. All videos use a story as the backbone. It doesn’t matter how long or in what context – EVERY video has a story behind it. The Main Character can be and should be really mirror who you’re selling to and he or she needs to be customized.

Why customized? Well, he or she is unique. There won’t be another one out there. We can add so many different elements to really breath life into this digital version of the storyteller you want to talk to your customers. AND, this is the best part, you can add your company’s logo to this character. You literally have another little billboard with your branding in your video. It’s subtle, but effective.

Other supporting characters can be customized or they can be “generic” enough to explain your message to your audience. These characters fit perfectly into an Explainer Video. Explainer Videos are effective sales tools because they garner trust, give you credibility and are basically fun to watch! To learn more about the value of Explainer Videos, click on over to our Explainer Video page.

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