With almost every social media platform suggesting daily posts, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. ‘Tis the season to grow your audience and we’re here to help! For a limited time, we’re offering a 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Promo Bundle!

This 12 day social media campaign includes:

12 customized Scroll Stoppers or 3D Parallax graphics

12 customized GIFs (will also receive the MP4 version of GIFs)

12 MP4 versions of custom GIFs (for certain social media platforms)

12 text-free GIF Stickers

Designing For Your Brand

These files are highly customizable. The templates you see below are ideas we’ve put together to showcase the possibilities. We can change the backgrounds to either an image or a video. Match brand colors and fonts. Add custom taglines. Sound effects and music to Scroll Stoppers. We can even repurpose ♻️ old campaigns with new design elements.


Are people passing you by on social media? 💨 You’ve done all this work for your company, so why aren’t people engaging? 😩

It’s hard to stand out in an endless sea of media. Scroll Stoppers are the solution to stop 🛑consumers from scrolling by your posts and get them to pay ATTENTION to your business. 👀🎉

From images 🌅 to text 📝… to icons👚 and music 🎶 – pretty much anything can be added to a Scroll Stopper. These files are highly customizable (pssst… it’s pretty amazing how much detail can be added).

📣 Check out these examples. Hit Play ▶ & turn up the volume! All these Scroll Stopper examples have sound. 🔊


3D Parallax graphics are just… well, cool. 😎 We can take an ordinary photo and bend it to create a 3D illusion.

We cut ✂️ & build various layers 🏗️ and add camera motion 💥 to send you sailing through an image.

3D Parallax files are a great way to pique people’s curiousity and take your social media posts from ordinary 😐 to extraordinary! 🤩


GIFs are so fun! 🥳 🪩 They can be a fun way to express an emotion quickly. Most everyone gets the jist of what you’re trying to say with a GIF!

Our GIFs are specialized for you and your brand. Why not take advantage of the technology📱and make it your own. 💃🕺🏻

The GIFs we’ve made here are perfect holiday card 💌 to send in an email newsletter or post on your social media feed.  👍🏼❤️👏🏼


Text-Free Stickers are the perfect was to draw people’s eyes to your sales and ads. 🏷️ These stickers have transparent backgrounds and animation, but allow you enough room to add your own text. ✏️

Each sticker has been carefully designed to add subtle motion without stealing the spotlight from your message. 🔦

Add these stickers to the forefront of your own design in your favorite graphic design program.🖼️ 🎨

Get 48 Holiday files customized for your company for


only $297

Act fast! This limited time offer expires December 15!








Custom GIFs and MP4s are the perfect way to boost audience engagement

There’s no better way to eyes on your company than through digital marketing on your favorite social media platforms. If you’re not sure what file you might need, be sure to read out What Type of Image or Video File Should I Use & on Which Social Media Platform? post.

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