Hello ladies!

I’m so glad you’re here to find a Black Friday and/or Holiday promotional GIF or MP4 for your business! I would like to offer my services to you for free in exchange for posting the final product on my portfolio page, marketing purposes and a testimonial.

I will customize 2 files for each person.

Please choose from the Black Friday and Holiday templates below. I can replace temporary background images or videos, add logos, change fonts and add taglines.

These files are very easy to add to email newsletters or posts. By letting me know where you plan on putting the files, will tell me what size you will need. You just upload them like any other image (GIF) or video (MP4). When selecting your file, please keep the following format notes in mind:

    • GIFs will loop on their own.
    • MP4s can loop, but require coding on websites.
    • Scroll Stoppers that have sound can only be heard when the viewer hits play. If you loop them, the audio track will be disabled.

If you have something else in mind that is more specific to your brand or industry, please email me, elizabeth@imagevybe.com and I will do my best to accommodate those requests.

    What do I have to do?

    Please fill out the form below and email me any logo (.png) you’d like to use at: elizabeth@imagevybe.com

    13 + 5 =


    GIF: BF Red Scroll

    3D: BF Gift with Red Bow & Sparkles

    Scroll Stopper: BF Red Sale Stamp with Confetti

    Hit the Play ▶︎ button. This file has audio! 🔊

    GIF: Yellow & Black Gifts with Confetti

    Scroll Stopper: BF Mylar Balloons and Stop Sign

    Hit the Play ▶︎ button. This file has audio! 🔊

    Scroll Stopper: BF Silver & Gold Letter Balloons

    Hit the Play ▶︎ button. This file has audio! 🔊


    GIF: Snowman with Christmas Tree Animation

    Scroll Stopper: Neon Sign with Santa’s Sleigh in Sky

    Hit the Play ▶︎ button. This file has audio! 🔊

    3D: Blue SALE Letters with Christmas Tree

    Scroll Stopper: Presents Falling Down

    Hit the Play ▶︎ button. This file has audio! 🔊




    GIFs are perfect for email newsletters, social media, text messages and websites. GIFs are in perpetual motion without being large files, so your website will still load quickly. And since they loop on their own, no extra coding is required. Simple logos and text can be added for customization. GIFs can be either a square or rectangle, and can have various pixel widths.

    640px wide GIFs are perfect for email newsletters and pop-ups.

    1080px wide GIFs are usually square and can be used on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

    1280px wide GIFs are landscape and can be used on websites.


    MP4s are higher quality videos, with more options for customization. Dynamic text can be added and even animated. Music and audio files can also be added. MP4s are great for promoting pretty much anything. MP4s can be posted on social media and websites. However, since they are bigger files, they may slow down the load time of your website – Lazy Load plug-ins can help. In order for MP4s to loop, simple coding needs to be added to your website.

    MP4s can be landscapes or squares. Let us know how you want to use them.

    Scroll Stoppers

    Scroll Stoppers stop consumers from scrolling by your posts and get them to pay ATTENTION. Image Vybe creates custom Scroll Stoppers, so you can stand out in an endless, choppy sea of media.

    From images 🌅 to text 📝… to icons👚 and music 🎶 – pretty much anything can be added to a Scroll Stopper. At Image Vybe, we care about our clients and want to make sure their social media posts rise above the rest.


    Sliders are a great way to showcase many products or ideas to clients. They can be visually captivating and convey messages quickly. Image Vybe Sliders give VIP Clients more control over the look, feel and timing than a convential slider plug-in.

    Please refer to our Home page to see 3 examples of sliders. Ours showcase various products – MP4s, 3D Parallax files and Scroll Stoppers.