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Beth designed some promotional videos for our Legacy Gym Fest event! Our post on Instagram and Facebook got many views. We loved her creativity, especially the 3D effect!

Kerri Bensley

Owner, Legacy Academy

Beth is so great at helping you piece together your vision. She is able to take what ideas you have for your images and put it all together in a way that says so much about you and your brand. She works with you and will work on the image until it is what you want. I can tell she really cares about me and what I am looking for. I am so excited to use these images because they express who I am and what I am trying to tell others in such an amazing and eye-catching way.

Brianna Wilking

Founder & Owner, Viewpoint Performance Consulting



Captivating visuals that demand attention

Stand out from the competition as these eye-catching graphics halt the scrolling frenzy, ensuring all eyes are fixated on your brand.

Scroll Stoppers are the ultimate in getting positive social media attention and customization. You can add so many elements to make it your own and stand out from the crowd. Watch the Disco Ball Fashion example to the left. ←←← This example shows the potential of what we can make for your brand. It has the fun mirror ball graphic, the customizable Instagram template, brand color palette, industry icon, royalty-free music and company logo.

To see how we created this example, watch our How We Customize Scroll Stoppers For Your Brand video.




We enjoyed working with you! Let us know about the benefits of being a VIP Client and your experience working with us, and we’ll put it here!

VIP Client

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


We take pride in our work and customer service. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Not only that, we want to make the process easy for you. Most projects takes 2-3 weeks to complete depending on the extend of changes and timely feedback.

Every client gets their own specialized, password-protected page on our website to view their customized files and to send feedback during the design process.

Our workflow goes through different Phases.

☎︎ Once we’ve gotten to know a little more about your brand and the kind of design you’re looking for, we’ll start with Phase 1.

1️⃣ Phase 1. We will post a rough version of files for you to review to make sure we’re on the right track. You can send us feedback and notes right from your password-protected page.

2️⃣ Phase 2. Based off your feedback, we’ll create a Phase 2 to generate more polished or finished products. You can also send us feedback and notes on these files. GIFs, MP4s & 3D Parallax files get 2 revisions.

3️⃣ Phase 3. Only Scroll Stoppers & Sliders get to Phase 3 due to the complexity of these files. For example, Scroll Stoppers & Sliders include more animation and royalty-free music tracks.

🎉 Final Phase. Once all revisions are complete, we’ll deliver the Final files to you.


Our Starter Client Package is perfect for new businesses. Starting a company from the ground up takes a lot hard work and being smart with money.

Our Starter Client Package is perfect if you just need a few customized images to get started.


The Starter Client Package includes:

  • (1) customized Scroll Stopper
  • (1) customized 3D Parallax file
  • (1) customized GIF
  • FREE BONUS: MP4 copy of your GIF



Starter Client Price: $47


Our VIP Client Package is perfect for growing businesses and social media managers. The VIP Client Package offers lots of services with high value.

The number of files included in the VIP Client Package is ideal for services providers or companies who create posts on a frequent basis.

The VIP Client Package includes:

  • (2) customized Scroll Stoppers
  • (2) customized 3D Parallax files
  • (2) customized GIFs
  • (1) customized Slider
  • FREE BONUS: MP4 copy of your GIFs
  • FREE BONUS: Modified text copy of original GIF design, i.e. new tagline or dates of new sale. It’s the same background, but with new text.



VIP Client Price: $127

Click the I’m Ready to Get Started button to book your discovery call and buy your package today!

You’ll need to provide your logo as a .png and have the text or tagline you want to include. If you need help designing your logo or writing text or taglines, we can help for a small fee.

All packages are a one-time purchase paid for through an invoice and online payment processing. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. All payments must be received before projects start. You can purchase a different package at any time. These package plans are not recurring memberships or subscriptions.

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