Custom Sliders create intrigue and give your website a simple, yet effect fluid way to show your services or products.

A custom Slider is a clean and simple way to highlight your portfolio or list services, so people can instantly understand how your business can benefit them.

Some website slider modules are clunking and limiting. Image Vybe custom Sliders are very user friendly – you only have to upload a video, that’s it. You can use your custom Slider on your website or on any of your social media account where you can upload a MP4 file.

Our custom Sliders can be built with a variety of graphic transitions, animated text and royalty-free music or sound effects (check out the Scroll Stopper example below 🦖↓)- there are so many possibilities! We take our time to craft just the right combination of elements to help convey your branding voice succiently and quickly.

Below you will see our own Image Vybe Sliders. Yep, we’re big fans of Sliders here at Image Vybe and use them ourselves. We’ve also coded the Sliders without audio to loop.

We customize Sliders only with our VIP Client Package. They take a lot of time to build and we don’t rush through these. If you’re interested in becoming a Client, please click on the I want to learn more about Service Packages button below. We’d love to start building a custom Slider and other unique products for you today!

Our Home page banner is a custom Slider.

This Slider is also on our home and highlights the products we design.

This Slider highlights our custom 3D Parallax products. This Slider also has audio 🔊🔊 !

In order for people to hear the sound, the MP4 cannot loop. They need to be able to hit the play button. From there, they can adjust the volume or hit mute.

This Slider showcases our custom 3D Parallax products.

To learn more about our products, please read these helpful tutorials and blogs.

How We Customize Scroll Stoppers For Your Brand

How We Customize Scroll Stoppers For Your Brand

Scroll Stoppers stop consumers from scrolling by your posts and get them to pay ATTENTION. Image Vybe creates custom Scroll Stoppers, so you can stand out in an endless, choppy sea of media. In the video below, we show you how several features that can be customized...

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