Here’s our quick guide to help you figure out when you should use a mp4 or GIF in your digital marketing.

Juggling different programs to promote your business can be super confusing and time consuming. Not only that, it takes a lot to keep up with trends and to decide which automations work best for your business.

Once you get your workflow established, it still takes time to have things look exactly how you want for your brand. This process you shouldn’t rush. It’s definitely worth taking the time to get it just right because this is how people get to know you, it’s how you build trust and create customer relationships. We completely understand because we have to market our business, too.

Your time is valuable and you don’t need to waste it by uploading media files, to then only find out it’s the wrong format or doesn’t fit or just looks bad. When working with a web developer, you definitely want to send the correct file to avoid delays or revisions because something doesn’t look quite right.

The 3 main ways to use visual marketing and design to grow your business and build customer relationships online are through your:

E Newsletter icon with circle GIF on megaphone
Computer with MP4 sparkles
Phone using spinning heart as an example of visual marketing and design

We’ll quickly look at each type of method and give you the information you need, so you can get back to working on your digital marketing campaign with ease.


You only want to use a smaller size for Email Newsletters. A 640px GIF file is perfect. You can’t embed a video in your newsletter. For example, Mailchimp will display a thumbnail of an MP4 and then if someone clicks on the thumbnail, it will open another screen and then they can play the video. We say skip it; it’s too much work for your customer. Bottom line, a small GIF is the way to go.


You can use both GIFs and MP4s. To help you make your decision, there are 3 things to consider.


  1. How It Looks
  2. The File Size
  3. Ease of Use
1. How It Looks

A huge component on deciding if you should put a GIF or MP4 on your website can depend on the design. MP4s look better because they have more frames per second. They look sharp! Some GIFs can look choppy and pixelated. For looks, MP4 my vote.

2. The File Size

MP4s are often a smaller file size than a GIF. This means faster loading speed and lower bounce rates. Our site is loaded with videos, so we added a LazyLoad plug-in and optimized our speed setting with our hosting site. MP4 gets my vote because they are typically less bytes.

3. Ease of Use

If you want your MP4 to loop, it will require coding. Your web developer can help with that. If you want to add a moving image to your site, but want to do it yourself without worrying about the code, then uploading a GIF will work because GIFs loop on their own. Uploading a GIF is the same process as uploading an Image. For ease of use, I’d vote for a GIF.


You can use both GIFs & MP4s on most social media platforms, except Instagram. Instagram will only post MP4s. To get the highest quality file, a 1920px landscape file is the way to go. A square-shaped file will be 1080x1080px and look amazing! To learn more about posting GIFs or MP4s on social media, read our What Type of Image or Video File Should I Use & on Which Social Media Platform? post.


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